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From Women:

Dear Joy,

Hurrah for being girls!First, please allow me to thank you for bringing back some of the joy of being a woman. Finding your site has reopened such wonderful vast area to me again. What utter joy you take in being a woman, and how contagious it is.

I am not a transvestite or crossdresser, rather, born female. It has been years since I have enjoyed any aspect of my feminity outside of my small immediate family (husband and daughter). Several years something terrible happened to me, and I seem to have buried myself somehow. You're wonderful website, going through the step by steps, brought such a smile to my face. "oh, yeah, that's it used to be to be beautiful and lovely", inside, outside. Oh! How I want to dance around my garden (except it's quite muddy at the moment) in a sheer lovely white cotton gown, with plump lips as per your excellent make up advice, and feeling of absolute femininity.

Thank you for being the light through the keyhole that is my door on myself, I think I shall go have nice sherry in a bubbly bath.

You are so incredibly beautiful! With much admiration,

I found the information Chloe gave me both enlightening and refreshing. I was starting to think I was alone in my situation. My husband and I are just venturing into the world of crossdressing. I have found your website to be very useful and reassuring. I'll be visiting your website again, to keep up to date with any new features. Thank you. Sandra

Thank you! I've recently started a relationship with a long time friend, who told me very early on that he cross-dressed. Whilst I love him to pieces, it still raised a few questions which I was unsure of, and I didn't want to upset him by asking. Your site has answered all of these and the letter from Karen was particuarly apt, especially the bit about buying sexy undies with more care. Thank you again, Amber

From a Transsexual:

Chloe, You are a very wonderful person. I read all of your information for the wives, and you have a sensitive, caring, understanding heart. I am a TS but all the information is very good and on point. I wish you the best and keep up this wonderful work.

Katherine Anne

From Crossdressers:

Dear Joy,

You are absolutely a jewel amongst jewels.I absolutely understand why it takes time to answer my letters, and I would once again like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you for answering my letters and your help and assistance, I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. I see that you mailed me the day before christmas, beeing a busy time of the year for everyone, your interest shown is even more appreciated.I can not thank you enough for your assistance. . I hope that you have someone that is taking good care of someone so special and understanding as yourself.You can't begin to understand what you have done for me since you wrote back to me the first time. All the advice that you give is really great. Anton

I've just 'come out' to my wife about my cross-dressing, and we're at that 'exciting' stage of discovery at the moment. It's nice to find a TV support site, such as yours, showing the decent side of cross dressing. Cheers. Alix

Tee - hee!Love it......Interesting & helpful. Kelly

Loved the sites, both Joy's & Chloe's! I would like to help any other TV's who have had problems confronting their loved ones. Jayne

I loved your sites. They have helped and given me some great ideas and insights.

Thanks for your site. Wish there were more like it. Janet

I've enjoyed reading all your pages on site.they will help me with my new partner. I've taken some copies to let her read in her own time. I've been TV since about 12 years of age. All the very best to you, Jeanette

Thanks for your thoughts and encouragements on this delecate subject. Tina

Very interesting. Very feminine. One of the most feminine site on the web and now, one of my favorites ! Labelle

Joy darling, your site is a revelation, loved the pictures, advice, and the stories. All the contributors in here are inspirational. Keep up the excellent work, Ii will be a regular visitor now I have found you. Jenn from Cheshire

Great, You are both Beautiful!!!!!!!!!! Charles

Extremely helpful site for me, and hopefully for my wife. Dana

Just wish a few more had your standards. Sarahjane

Nice site, thankyou for taking the trouble to do it. John

I have been browsing through trans* advice sites for a few years. For personal interest and to find useful sites for people who ask me for help. Your advice pages are the best I have seen; clear and sensible advice right through. As for Chloe, you are a gem! In fact you are both fabulous women. Keep up the good work. Also, I would like to run a link to you from my own links page. Suzanne

I just had to say a big 'thank you' for the website. I was buying some clothes on eBay and wanted to check sizes. Your site came up as one of the search results and I couldn't believe it was really showing women's sizes for men! What a brilliant idea! Now I've spent the last half hour looking, and bookmarking, your other pages. Unfortunately, West Kent and Sussex is a bit far for me to travel but your open, honest approach to cross-dressing has me very tempted to venture out. (I've never done that before AND you are probably the third person I have admitted my 'hobby' to). I wish you every success. Best wishes Annibell

Super site - I love it and keep coming back to it again & again. A real Aladdins cave of stuff. Joy and her friends look so great and seem such friendly happy people. Lots and lots of good advice. Am overwhelmed by Joy's beauty and her story and pictures from early teenage days. I always thought years ago that I was the only one who dressed!!! I never looked remotely as good as Joy! You have a fascinating site which I can't resist coming back to again and again. Lots of love and admiration, Suzannah

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