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"Richard's Maiden Test "

Sometimes only a man can be the right woman for the job. Richard Burnside is driven to desperate means in a vain attempt to keep his marriage and his dignity, yet he finds feminine fulfilment.


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Unfortunately Kaye is now very ill and is unlikely to be able to write any more chapters. Best wishes from us all.

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Slow Castration Preface (106k) FREE DOWNLOAD

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Sample Illustration

Whole Book £1.99
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Jobless and Hopeless Chapter 1 (101k) FREE DOWNLOAD
Something Turns Up Chapter 2 (109k) 39p
Sylvia Steps Out Chapter 3 (79.4k) 39p
Into the Unknown Chapter 4 (76.9k) 39p
Feeling a New Woman  Chapter 5 (107k) 39p
Assuming the Position Chapter 6 (97k) 39p
Through Sylvia's Eyes Chapter 7 (88.9k) 39p
Feeling Wanted Again Chapter 8 (84.4k) 39p
Things are looking up!
Chapter 9 (104k)
The Lunch

Chapter 10 (87.4k)

What to do next?

Chapter 11 (636k)


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