Joy's Beauty Tips

10 :

Luscious Lips and a Beautiful Blush

Make your Mouth Magnetic

Lipstick is absolutely essential. Psychologists say women find it so vital, because it echoes the plump redness of aroused female sexual organs. The message that lipstick sends, is here is a woman who is excited, and exciting!
A matching nail colour reinforces this feeling.

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A Beautiful Blush

Blusher gives you a natural fresh colour (unless you overdo it). It makes you look healthy, excited and desirable. Cream or gel blush (optional) goes under your powder, but powder blush is done last, so that you can make the strength of the overall effect balance the rest of the makeup. Ideally it should tone with lipstick (i.e. not the same as "match"). Using a medium-large soft brush, sweep blusher backwards from the apple of the cheeks, back in a very slight upward curve along the top jawbone to the hairline. Put a small amount on the forehead and point of the chin for balance. If you can see it on chin and forehead, you've used too much! This applies, even when a second application is needed on cheeks for photography and night-time.

Subtle natural blushingFace Shaping

To give the model-girl high cheekbones look: 1) A touch of highlighter swept back in a straight line along the top of the cheek bones brings them forward - but keep it subtle, and blend gently. 2) Use a lowlighter powder (slightly darker than your foundation) to create shadows in the cheeks below the blush; just suck in, and brush on and blend a triangle, enlarging back from the point below the apple of your cheek to your ears. If you have a long face then place your blush slightly lower to help your face look more rounded; otherwise higher to make a plump face appear longer, or central to balance a squarer face. You can also narrow the nose by lowlighter along its sides, or shorten a pointy nose or chin by putting some on the tip.

Bronzer / Fake Tan

Too much sun is dangerous and can easily burn and damage the skin. Use maximum protection cream and wear a hat. Faking it is better, but forget it.
It just looks unnatural unless you really are dark-skinned. Dale Winton fans only.

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