Joy's Beauty Tips

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Crowning Glory

My hair looks like a dead animal!

Joy's own natural red hair (not)Your hair can make you look like several completely different desirable women, and is much more alluring than any new dress! Its style says you are demure or wanton, raunchy rock chick or sizzling sophisticate. Whatever you choose, it should shine, to invite stroking. Like you, it must be clean to be attractive, and smell fresh and feminine; so wash it and dry it naturally in good time before you go out. Get noticed by adding a couple of drops of aromatic oil to your shampoo so that your hair is a subtle turn-on.

Whether it is your own hair or especially if you wear a wig, it must be well brushed. It must be fluffed up for naturalness and volume, and to look like you haven't had to try! You want movement, swing and swishability to avoid that artificial look, so keep hairspray minimal.

My hair is so short and mousey!

Wigs are so much fun, and something we can share with friends of both sexes.

Any woman should try changing her hair colour and style regularly, and most do! It can really spice up your love life, but above all it is about having fun and feeling good about yourself. Going darker can add years, so if you are covering grey and can get away with it, go two shades lighter than your natural tresses. There are so many lovely shades and styles to try. Try to stay in the same colour group as your skin tone, so avoid ultra-white blonde, startling red or jet black.Short hair needn't stop you being a gorgeous girl!

Real hair is composed of many similar shades, so never buy a cheap wig in one colour. Go for one that has gorgeous bursts of colour, highlights or darker roots, or at least is "frosted". Nothing shouts "natural hair" louder than the illusion that you have coloured your real hair! Manufacturers usually refer to colours with darker roots as having the suffix "R", whilst "T" means lighter tips. (These aren't usually available in larger head sizes however). If your wig style has a parting, look for a monofilament top and a hand-tied front to help convince it's your own hair.

Curly Shirley, or Straight Kate?

Face shape is a factor, but it is more important to dress your age. Get a shorter style unless you are under 30. If your preference is longer, even then don't let it go far below the shoulders. Long does look great if you can wear it "up" with clasps, butterflies or bows, but many wigs may not be designed to allow this convincingly. In theory you can even use a hairpiece with a wig; if you do, please let me know details!

Wavy or straight is more convincing and in fashion than "big hair" curls. Go for width rather than height above your head, as TVs may look too tall otherwise.

How should I wear and care for my new hair?Totally convincing

The best advice is to keep your wig on a (tall enough) stand if possible. Use only a wig brush and other products designed for wigs, on it. Again make sure the wig is washed in special wig shampoo and drip-dried naturally, or with cold air from a hairdryer. Don't brush while wet, or it will need professional restyling.

When ready to wear it, put your hand under the cap with fingers slightly through the back, and make it convincing by shaking to fluff it out and give it life and movement. Modern wigs need relatively little (but never zero) brushing and are designed to be "shake and go". The important thing is to apply them correctly, and buy a large enough size ("average" may often = petite). Hold front wig hairline just below your own, pull wig back and over, ensuring no hair is trapped, and adjust behind ears. Do not pull down over forehead. Pull the side tabs (if any) out and down with thumbs, so that they lie flat against the head and do not show any natural hair escaping.

If you have followed my advice, you are now significantly more beautiful. Everyone will want to play with - or be - you, a Livin' Doll!

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