Ladylike Sisters

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The importance of being Sisters

Good girlfriends are so vital for girly gossip, and sisterly support.
It's so hard to pick which of their pictures I should feature!
Surprisingly, some of them aren't actually women.
But they certainly are all very much lovely ladies and LivinDolls!

Admire, and in some cases visit these ladies' websites

Teri Diana's website Joanna's website Joy's Guestbook Mail Diana, Teri, Joy or Joanna
Diana, Teri, Joy and Joanna (29-1-2000)
Amanda is the gorgeous
girl above.
I suspect she's not a
natural blonde though.
Joy and Amanda with pretty
Jenny James, seated
Jenny (in centre)
Music mistress Diana
Diana leaves gig after
playing to capacity crowd
Fashionable rave babe Joanna admires Karen out-posing her (4-11-2000)
Glamorous Joanna (on right)

Super Sara
New LivinDoll contributor
and part-time counsellor,
blonde(?) super Sara

Kaye, Amanda (again!) and
brunette Helen (Spielberg-)Bach
Movie queen Helen (on right)


Everyone's favourite,
LivinDoll counsellor -
dancing Auntie Ruth

Kaye cooks up a story for
LivinDoll while she BBQs
Clever Kaye
 Vicki Lee (on right)
Joy and Vicki Lee of
WayOut fame (7-4-2001)
 Joy and TransLiving top kitten
Stacy (28-9-2001)
Stacy Novak (on right)

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