Ladylike Beauties 

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Enjoy being a girl, like us

Admire these ladies! (Email addresses removed due to spammers)

Joy and Michelle Joy, the lady who runs LivinDoll and Ladylikeshop Michelle
Joy (left) with Michelle (right)
, a Cleveland ruby

Exciting Emma
The thoroughly ladylike Emma proves we girls can be just as strong as men

Alice, your Avon lady
Miss Alice in TLI wonderland

Jenny at The Lodge
Jenny calls at Upminster

Girly cyberchick, the luscious Liz
Liz is wearing makeup by Barbie

Flowers of Womanhood

Joy and young beauty Annabel

Ursula is asked to sing at Scarborough

Svelte Kirsty


A particularly attractive
young lady, Lisa
Lovely Lisa

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