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Finishing Touches


Your nails must be clean before you go out, and finished with a file. Undercoat them in clear or pale basecoat (which looks good alone and fills in ridges) the night before if possible, and touch nothing for an hour before topcoat (if any). "Quick drying" polish is quicker, but allow more drying time than they say, especially if you do two coats. Brush from just above cuticle (base) to tip in three bold strokes: centre, side, side. Lots of little strokes will look lumpy, and there won't be time to do it again. Leave a tiny gap at the sides to make fingers look slimmer. If you are in a rush and polish is dry but not hard, run hands under the cold tap to harden.

I don't recommend "French polish". This means a kind of supernatural look, with white polish on the natural or fake nail tip, aided by stick-on nail guides; pale pink colour on top, then clear gloss to finish. (I find it is time-consuming, and not that easy to do well. White pencil underneath the nail tips is more realistic, and doesn't require nail guides.) Better to match nails with the colour of your lipstick or dress. Mauve, even silver or gold looks good, too; but never black, blue or green as they are too far away from the natural colour that nails would be and looks somehow unhealthy or weird. Light colours like rose and coral (which can still be strong as opposed to subtle) suit lighter skin tones, dark colours work best with darker skins. A biscuit colour is great with an olive skin.

Nail CareFake Nails: Lovely, especially if you can have them done professionally. [In that case of course, French polished fakes look fine, very believable indeed, and much better than strange patterns or jewel-encrusting your nails.] Otherwise follow the instructions on the box after you are dressed, and allow bonding time. Never make them longer than as shown above, or trim them so they won't look false (not to mention awkward for handling things!) The whole point of fakes is to make them look so good, that even you can't tell whether they are your own. After wear remove very carefully and gently following the instructions, as you do not want to damage the surface of your own nail.


You must have some to set off the rest. Stick to one or two gold rings on the left hand only (see size chart), a gold necklace and matching earrings. The rule is, big necklace, small earrings or vice versa - never both. Too much will take attention away that you should be getting! Consider piercing your ears, as the range of earrings will be much greater and look much better. I like to wear a sapphire wedding ring with cubic zirconia surrround (so much cheaper, and just as good as diamonds, dahling!); and a simple pendant necklace, to draw attention away from my throat towards my bosom. Beware of 16" chains which will be too tight. 18"-20" chain length is best; longer may be hidden down your emphasised but modestly suggested cleavage. Keep it simple; you do not need ankle bracelets, toe, belly and nose rings unless you are more Goth than Girl!


A whisper of perfume is more seductive than a shout, but it's important to signal to others that a woman is near. Perfume rises, so dab or spray your favourite behind your knees, in belly button and cleavage, and around collar bone, rather than behind your ears. If you want perfume to last all day, spray the lining of your top rather than you, to prevent your body turning the odour stale.

Nearly ready!

If you have time, add a sexy shimmery glow to shoulders and outer upper arms, and/or above cleavage with a little sparkle dust, like Benefit's Kitten Puffs. Add a single jewel or clip to your hair at this point if possible to add extra interest. Spray your hair lightly into position, walk through a spray of perfume mist, and your hair will smell of that, instead of musty old ashtrays and lacquer.

Go out and be Ladylike! (subject to Safety First)

That's all for now, I hope it's of interest, and further advice on how to be a
LIVIN' DOLL will be added as time permits.

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