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Preen and Prepare

Life is increasingly stressful these days, especially if you are trying to live two lives in one. So give yourself lots of time to feel a woman (settle down you kinky persons!)

Bathing Belle

Bath SmelliesReally enjoy pampering yourself. Use all those lovely feminine creams on legs and body; you don't have to believe the advertising, but it gives you a great confidence boost to know your skin is beautiful and soft. Take full advantage of your favourite sensuous bath smellies. And get your rest, especially before a day out; yes, your beauty sleep!Beauty sleep

Never go to sleep in your makeup, no matter how tired you are! If you do, you will need a facial scrub product or "mask" next day to help skin recover. Try a couple of drops of an aromatherapy oil that you like under your pillow in bed, it helps easy restful breathing, and your mood in the morning. And a pot-pourri bag hung in your wardrobe, or a scented drawer liner, will make your clothes smell fresh and appropriately girlie.

Beauty comes from inside ... your mouth

Easily forgotten; but if your mouth smells of cabbages, stale ashtrays or worse, then the only fans you will attract are the type that you plug in! Brush teeth well with Macleans Whitening toothpaste (proven in independent tests to remove stains best, and most cheaply). You can also use a tooth whitener such as Rapid White - no-one will know why you look better, but you will! And floss between them to remove things like horrid black seeds that the brush missed. An electric toothbrush is more effective if, like most people, you don't spend as long brushing as you should. So consider going electric, and / or change your old brush, for health, fresh breath and beauty. Try and drink more water during the day; it is good for health and clear skin, helps you resist over-eating, and also reduces smelly breath caused by bacterial infection.

Hair today, gone tomorrow ... or next year

The best a man can get?It is expensive and uncomfortable, not to say probably embarrassing, to have professional hair removal. For most it isn't worth it, as more is promised than can be delivered on male facial hair, due to the continuing influence of male hormones. If you must, then expect to have to keep your face unshaven part of the time so that electrolysis or laser treatment can be given. Expect to pay £2,000 - £10,000 for 10 treatments taking one year minimum, which will still not solve your problem permanently. Go for the most experienced practitioner, not the cheapest. Laser treatment is less painful but only works on dark hairs, so is more effective if you aren't going grey and aren't a natural blonde.

Shaving: So that there are no cuts and you don't spread spots, use a nearly new, or fresh disposable twin blade each time, on well lubricated wet skin. Shaving gel is better than foam. Shave once in the direction of growth and repeat against the growth. Don't use ladies' razors; they are more expensive and work no better. Make quick, gentle strokes, to avoid an irregular cut or tear of the hairs. If you cut yourself, use a tiny amount of styptic pencil (available in barbers' shops) to help stop the bleeding. "Wet" shaves are closer than those done with electric shavers, because the foil is between your skin and the blade; however the latter can work well if you use a skin exfoliating facial scrub cream afterwards, to moisturise and grind down the hair ends. This last is also useful if you change your makeup during the day, but your beard isn't long enough to shave again effectively.

Arms and Legs

Bleach arm hair as regularly as you need to (try not to shave it, as it will grow back worse, and stubble will feel uncomfortable). I mean blonde hair dye (such as Clairol shade 97) of course, not household bleach! You probably need to shave gently around nipples and under arms every few days, and pluck any hairs that would show if you wore a plunging neckline. If you are very hairy, it may be best to fade out most chest hairs similarly, rather than shave. You will need to shave at least the (most visible) bottom half of your legs two or three times a week however, as waxing strips or dissolving creams work best only on lighter hair growth. Keep your legs straight when doing behind your knees in the bath, bend them when doing in front to reduce the chances of a cut. (Note: remove the debris from the bath afterwards!) Use a moisturiser preferably specifically designed for your legs, to make them feel softer and even smoother.

If you really feel unable to shave your legs, wear thick natural-coloured dance tights, with (optionally) a thin pair in a slightly darker colour over them.

Soften your Eyebrows

Plucking your eyebrows correctly can take years off your appearance, and makes you look much more wide-eyed and innocent, i.e. girly. Don't do just before going out or you may get red blotches, and if you've never done it don't go too mad with one brow before tackling the other or you'll look lopsided. You can get them professionally done or get home shaping kits, but there's no need, as weekly maintenance is the key. Use sharp, good quality tweezers, or the hairs will break off instead of pulling out. Moisten with hot water to open the pores, then pull in the direction of growth. Always pluck underneath not above the brow, which makes the eye area appear bigger, leaving more room for eyeshadow. Remove only a little at the inner brow edge, following the natural line, and make subtly finer the nearer you get to the outer edge, without quite making them into pointy ends. Remember the odd hair(s) on the bridge of the nose or protruding from your nostrils or ears! Resist the temptation to make change too suddenly; gradually get bolder over time, as that way it will look natural. If some individual hairs are extra-strong, long and straggly, brush upwards with an eyebrow brush and trim at the top with nail scissors. If some hairs still stick out instead of lying flat, pull them out if only a couple, or else or tame them with hair wax. If done well, no-one will notice why you look so much softer and younger. You'll look as if you were born with lovely brows!

More about NailsGrow and Shape your Nails

Lovely fingernails make everyone jealous. When you unconsciously use your hands in conversation, and your nails look good, people look at you and listen better! Don't use nails as screwdrivers, wire-strippers, letter-openers or as substitute for any other tool. Remove any telltale engine oil residue, or old polish as soon as possible. Use handcream only when hands are really dry, as over time the smoothing effect also prevents the body producing natural oils. If your nails are in poor condition, massage fingers with tea tree oil (with your partner if any), to improve blood circulation to your nail beds.

If you can't grow nails long for any reason, don't worry. Lots of women don't, in fact great long talons show you're trying way too hard. Some beauty magazines say cut nails straighter now rather than pointy, but I say gently rounded rather than straight (except for toenails) is the feminine compromise. They say use emery boards to shape nails, but I find a nail file is best. Work from the sides to the middle to avoid painful hangnails. Make sure they are smooth without any burr, finishing by gently filing one or two strokes at 45 degrees, on top then underneath. Wash hands in warm water to soften and clean, then use the file to push back the cuticles without need of separate sticks.

Don't be wet, practice!

Practice the Voice

Most TVs don't bother with this, and you don't need to, if you are only going to meet other TVs. To pass in public however, you must speak differently, which requires practice.

The main secret is to speak with less voice. This means not necessarily quietly, but suppressing use of the Adam's apple, which adds unwanted bass resonance. Not in an artificially high pitch, but using more dynamic range; i.e. the voice rises and falls to make an emphasis, instead of getting louder. Bookmark this page, then if you wish, go here for full voice training.

Listen to the phrases women use, that only they would say. Can you use some of them? When and how are they said? What wouldn't they say that you should stop saying? You really should study this aspect of what is said the most, even if you don't change your actual voice at all.


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