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Get Lovely Legs

Feeling Right with Tights

I wish!Make sure you always wear comfortable tights in winter ("nude" or natural colour, not old ladies' "American Tan"). It's no good getting supermarket ones if you want to look your best, especially if you are very tall. My favourites are 'Class' by Levante, which are extremely sheer. With these it doesn't look like you have tights on at all, but they even out skintone, disguise imperfections, and they feel so comfortable and right! 'Eclipse' is a Lycra sheer right to your waist 15 denier version. My ultimate favourite is 6 denier appearance 'Solare', which has sheer toes as well - lovely!!!

I do very much like to wear a glossy pair or with subtle shine if I am going out in the evening, like Charnos 'Sheer Lustre' or Aristoc 'Ultra Shine'. Falke fashion tights are good too for evenings, as they do some lovely opaques and patterns. Light grey can also look good, but wear "barely black" only with black clothes. You will also save time dressing in your favourite clothes later on in the day if you are already wearing some of them! You may think you like stockings, but remember, women almost never wear them, so hold-ups by Levante are ideal. If you'd like to though, Gio do some very nice pink stockings, and Charnos do some lovely bridal hold-ups if you want the best day of your life (to be every day! If you are a little older and suffer from varicose veins, then try support tights. [Fishnets are rarely appropriate!]

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