Joy's Beauty Tips

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Have Girlie Attitude

Because you areGet used to being a girlie

Because you are! The problem many cross-dressers face is, it takes a little while to get into (and out of) girlie mode. As a result you may look stilted and unnatural because however well you dress, it takes time to adjust to a different style. For example, your buttons "do up the other way" and your hair is longer. You may catch your earrings, snag your tights or smear your lipstick without realising; but you don't want to think about that. Try and get lots of practice, then you won't be worrying about the possibility of escaping boobs or treading on your skirt when rising.

Men often give away their true gender by having rough hands and skin. You want to feel satin-soft from head to toe. Are you wearing gloves when you do the dishes, the gardening, or the car, and using handcream afterwards if you forgot? Do you wear clear or slightly tinted lip salve in the biting winter winds? Do you wear a hat and proper maximum protection suncream on the beach? If the answer is no, you need to start. Do you drive aggressively, swear, have nicotine stains on your fingers, fart and belch with gusto and pride, unconsciously pick your nose, hang your legs open and scratch, or rake your ears out? Whilst some common women do some of these things, any hint of your similar activity en femme is a dead giveaway. Think of yourself as a woman who can dress very masculinely when she wants, but who still enjoys being female.

Round the house at least (and probably everywhere else except work) you can wear a little clear or brown mascara and light lip gloss all the time. No-one will notice (unless to think your natural look is subtly better). If your circumstances permit, paint your toenails. These little things help get you used to doing it really well, so that you can quickly do your makeup, but still look completely natural when in top model mode.

In the Mood with Bra and Panties

Whenever possible wear a pretty soft bra (not underwired, which I can tell you, hurts after all day on!) under a dark shirt so it won't show through, maybe with a sweet satin camisole instead of that lovely string vest. Under trousers, wear always pretty matching or pink panties, or vestal virgin white satin ones. You don't want to suffer from that nasty GEDA (Gender Expression Deprivation Anxiety) any more than necessary, now do you? Just think of the mental edge you'll have knowing that however dreary your working day, under that sober suit, you are feeling really hot!

You should wear Panty Liners too, which not only feel right and protects your clothes, but helps to keep any man's things from slipping out of their "tucked" hiding place.

It's wonderful if you can, to wear a delicate nightie in bed if it is not too hot (open the window if you're too hot - more oxygen is good for you).

Is she or isn't she ... ? Hormones

Look out for foods containing natural female hormones, such as tofu or Nutribread for Women, available at Tesco's or healthfood shops. Every slice contains 13.4g of oestrogen. It won't do you any harm, and don't expect miracle results, but over time you will look and feel subtly softer. Many foods contain phyto-oestrogens; rich sources are broccoli, parsley, soya, lentils, chickpeas, apples, plums, cinnamon and sage. Evening primrose oil helps give you soft skin too. Never take hormone pills or use patches unless you have been assessed by a doctor, as there can be serious health risks in using the wrong product, or using it irregularly or in too high a dose. Patches are better than pills though because then oestrogen is absorbed directly into the body through the skin, instead of being filtered (like alcohol) through the liver!

Don't laugh girls, but if you like, you can wear Panty Liners or lubricated Tampax even when you don't need to. They are comfortable, protect your delicates, make them smell girly and help hide them, giving you inner confidence. Like "feminine tissues", the packet is also useful as a handbag hint to anyone who wonders about you (as in the old Harmony hairspray ad), is she or isn't she!

In the pub, get used to having drinks in bowl shapes and wine-glass sizes. If you must have beer, have half pints. Look at what women drink, and try some trendy alcopops, so you know which ones you like and can order the same in future. Observe how to hold the glass, how to look at your nails, how to move gracefully, how to sit and walk. Think carefully, and frequently, about how very differently a man dressed as a woman might do the same things, and learn. Be Fun, Fearless and above all, Feminine!

Public Loos

Waltzing WatersNever fear, it is not illegal to wear the clothes of the opposite sex anywhere in public, nor to go in the Ladies' loo. Be aware the latter is a tiny risk though, because some women assume a man would only be there to invade their privacy, or worse. Go in with a real woman if you can, or use the unisex disabled loo. Probably no-one will speak to you. If a woman holds the door open or speaks briefly to you, smile and nod silently, or say the minimum in a quiet, soft voice. If already used to being out en femme, please don't give yourself away by loud phlegm-clearing, or whistling a happy tune in there! Leave the seat down and dry when you emerge.

Smile and walk confidently, check your appearance in a mirror. If there is a problem - you suddenly realise that the end of the toilet roll is trapped in your knickers and trailing behind you, or one of your hips looks impossibly lumpy: in most situations you should say nothing and do the minimum possible until again you are safely bolted in the Ladies. In an emergency leave with dignity while the other women are still unsure.

It is far more embarrassing to invite comment by going in the Gents dressed as a female. There is a small risk of being attacked, by cowardly men who imagine you are there for gay seduction. Remember you are a lady and not a slapper. Well I certainly am, if you're not, so there!

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