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Do you have a female mind in a male body? We adore being feminine. We feel it is very unfair that society often doesn't like men to express their feminine side, or sample the advantages that real women have. From the mail we get, we know crossdressers and transsexuals face discrimination too. We aren't interested in kinky. We do our bit to educate, and relieve guilt or stress. For all who wish it, let's help conquer fear, understand and enjoy why some gentlemen need to be a lady too.

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Read some of Joy's story in a 2011 Tunbridge Wells Courier

Shopping in "Daytime Dolls"** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **Exclusive: Ladylike VIDEOS of LivinDolls (Windows Media format)
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  1. Disco Dolls (recommended, 2.3MB)
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Kaye pools her talent with you** PLEASE DESCRIBE THIS IMAGE **Exclusive: exciting mainly free E-BOOKS - GIRLIE FICTION for quick self-extracting download:

A lovely 95-page original story, beautifully illustrated, especially for us girlies...
Richard Burnside becomes the right woman for the job in
1) "Richard's Maiden Test" (639k) by Kaye Lester (right).
Available by chapter, or in full.

Other Stories:
2) "Claire Lives" (93k) by Kaye Lester

3) "A Mother's Tale " (128k) by Abby Reader

4) "My name is Vicki" (81k) by Vicki Marsh

5) "The Tangled Web" (217k) by Steve R.

6) "The Perfect Gift" (252k) by Dianne Kendall of "Pampered in Panties" fame

7) "Pampered In Panties" - The7 Unread Stories! (212k) by Dianne Kendall

8) "Princess Heaven" (35k) by Jasmine

9) "Updated" arrow"Big Bully to Little Girl" (42k) by Jasmine

How you can help: We publish anything clean and on a ladylike theme. Stories, photos, links, articles, beauty tips we all can share.
Don't be shy, we respect your talent!

Chloe Springfield << Chloe

Too Guilty to be a Girl?

for male crossdressers from
top agony "Auntie" Ruth >>

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for wives and female partners only of Transvestites,
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